About Us

Who are We?


A Turkish word, inspired by a Turkish Entrepreneur, Hamdi Ulukaya.

It means, “The Youth”.

At Gençlik, we believe in youthfulness.

“Don’t wait to create.”

It all started as a kid; sketching on the walls, painting them without even knowing that hobby would become a passion. That passion took me to Pune for a 4 years of learning in commercial arts.

I faced the reality of Advertising when I was at Lowe Lintas as a Creative (art). Lowe is the place where I learned the ethics of advertising, communication and how it works while working with established brands.Never to waste an opportunity to learn by observing the delicacies of life and the challenges with in, is what keeps me hungry for more. Creating from the scratch, like a short story or a design that finds deep connection with the consumer and if it communicates the soul of my work, gives me immense satisfaction. “Don’t wait to create.”

Noel Mathew


"My Quest for the recipe to remain youthful gave birth to Gençlik."

In my 20 years with the large Telcos (the last being with the Tata Communications), gave me abundant learning and experience on People (employees and customers), Sales, Business and Success.

It’s time to use the learning, to start it all over again like a newbie with the same youthfulness of my 20’s. I am a Storyteller and if I am convinced on a story, I can take the content to a different level. Every Brand has a story. I am here to share that story in the most likeable and believable way to the customers. A brand story that they are Proud to be associated with.

Sajan Mathew


“Don’t wait
to create.”