A Turkish word, inspired by a Turkish Entrepreneur, Hamdi Ulukaya.

It means, “The Youth”.

At Gençlik, we believe in youthfulness.

Our Services

An “Expressive” Agency


that delivers long term gains and visible Impact on the Top line & Bottom Line.


that details the method to success


that is easily relatable for customers


that is minimalistic and distinctive.


that is believable, Lovable and Stays with you forever.


that has a Life-Like feel


that will always express a story


to lead from the front, to grow the Brand.

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My journey with Gençlik introduced me to a different perspective of work.
I witnessed, when mind is applied to an idea it can turn into a success story.
It was very easy for me to connect with Sajan and the only one reason was his passion and commitment towards work.

Every time we spoke there was a positive attitude to the idea on table.
When I reflect back, I see my personal growth as an individual and my ability to think has changed in the journey with you .

Your out of the box thinking, and generating relevant ideas to up the game for CHOSEN is what attracted me to Gençlik.
Although it was a short association, However, I strongly believe there is a long term one awaited between Chosen and Gençlik.

Wish you the best.

Tejpal Ranka
Director - Ranka Jewels

I met Sajan on LinkedIn through his Stories and subsequently got to know the Mathew duo behind Gençlik.

At Giving Circle, we were looking for a team who could work with us on Turnkey projects.
Gençlik fitted the bill from all perspectives.

Sajan and Noel not only understand the brand's importance but go deeper to understand the nuances in the brand custodian's strategy and operations.

Social Work - Advertising appears to be oxymoron, but with this association we want to revolutionise the way SOCIAL WORK is seen.

Bhumika Marwaha
Founder - Giving Circle

I have known Sajan from the beginning of his career (1999).

What differentiated him the most was his determination to succeed.
One of the most diligent and hardworking person that I have known.

As he started blossoming his other beautiful traits, his visibility was obvious with,
The urge to learn, willingness to experiment, desire to get out the comfort zone and ability to meet the Goals.

All of us who have worked with him knew, we were working with an exceptional person and his success proves us right.

Wishing him many more successes.

George Varghese
CEO, Indian Express Group

Sajan = Sincerity + Raw Energy + Finesse

How can this unique combination, not win him lifelong friends and attract growing success?

All the best my friend.

Vinod Kumar
Global CEO, Vodafone Business


Our Adrenaline To Create, comes from your success